Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Tutorial - Using Fabric Markers to Draw on your Doll Face

I thought I'd give a quick little tutorial on how to draw on your doll face with fabric markers. You can also use this technique to paint your face on using fabric paints.

To start, you need your finished doll (or you can do this before you sew it all together, I prefer to work on the face when she's finished and stuffed), a pencil or fabric chalk, fabric markers (be sure to get the fine tip markers - it makes detailed lines so much easier) and a scrap piece of paper. Note: Please read the manufacturers directions on any paint or fabric markers you choose to use. Most fabric products are permanent and washable. Just double check. ;)

I start out by sketching what I want the face to look like on a piece of scratch paper. Then I cut or rip the different pieces apart and place them on the doll face to get an idea if I like the placement and the style.

Next, I use my pencil to draw onto the doll the features. Using the black or brown fabric marker, trace over all your lines with the exception of the mouth, I will go over that next.

When you get to the mouth area, trace a solid line through the middle of the mouth, but leave the top of the mouth and the bottom of the mouth mostly free. Use your discretion on how big these lines need to be. You'll have a fuller looking mouth and more natural looking if you only draw a partial line.

Now it's time for the fun part. :) We get to color in the mouth and the eyes. The mouth is pretty simple, I colored in darker on the outside line of the mouth and lighter where I wanted the highlights. I went over my black lines with the pink to soften it a little and give it a richer finished look.

The eyes are a little more tricky, but no worries, you'll be fine! There are two different ways you can accomplish finishing your eyes. The first would be to just pick your eye color and color it straight in. This isn't a bad option, in fact I love doing this on occasion. The other way would be to pick a second color for a tiny accent and place that in your eye first.

I chose to use green as the accent color and brown for the main eye color. First I placed a little green under the pupil and going up the right side a tiny bit. Then I took my brown and colored in around the green in the rest of the space. I shaded a bit more toward the outside of the iris and a little less toward the pupil to give her a little more depth in her eyes. Make the black lines a little darker and thicker where you placed the eyelashes.

Et Voila! You have a beautiful face for your handmade doll. And the best part is, it's completely child proof! Hooray! So you can give this stuffy to a young child and you don't have to worry about their pulling little pieces off and choking on them.

Here is a picture of the completed face with the two toned eyes:

And here is a face with the one toned eye:

I hope this helped! :D

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